This article has been updated 23 2022,

Forbidden Sky is a challenging co-op game with original mechanics and components that make up a truly working electrical grid! If the players can correctly close the circle around the rocket, then the reward for them will be the welcoming blinking of its lights.

You must act as a team to explore a mysterious platform that rises in the midst of a raging storm. Connect the circuit elements with a wire and launch a well-hidden missile before being struck by lightning or knocked off the platform. Test your team's ability to work together, but be careful: one wrong move and you'll all be brought down to earth... once and for all!

As in many joint games, the main component is the roles given to the participants in the game by lot. All the characters have their own important work, all the specialists are needed by the squad, and it is very difficult to do without it. For example, an electrician lays wires without any action, a doctor adds health points to his brothers, a master repairs damaged nodes, and a climber can send himself and anyone else through the clouds.

In addition to the skills that roles provide, the equipment cards that can be found while exploring the platform are very useful for the team. Keep the platform under the blow of all winds, pay attention to lightning, open new territories, connect the necessary parts in the galvanic circuit and remember that everyone must gather in the launch area before taking off. It is possible that your team will survive and achieve their goal.

The game "Forbidden Sky" will delight children who love physical experiences and everyone who is in the soul forever remains children who believe in miracles.

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