Educational games for children

This article has been updated 23 2022,

Today, in the era of the Internet, boys and girls prefer computer games, virtual communication. The task of adults is to prevent them from completely immersing themselves in the virtual world, because such communication will never replace the live one. A great opportunity for this is to use educational board games. They will help to have fun with friends and relatives, teach something new, give impetus to the development of certain abilities.

Children's board games have a thousand-year history. Since ancient times, people have used simple and primitive entertainment, which have been improved and complicated. Today there is a huge variety of all kinds of toys, including educational boards. Conventionally, the division occurs according to age, difficulty level, number of players. It is worth highlighting such categories.

For babies. These games are designed for the little ones, their goal is not only to captivate the baby, but also to teach him something new.
Abstract. Aimed at the development of logical thinking, memory and other skills.
Fighting games. At the heart of entertainment is conflict, the essence is reduced to the battle for a victorious place.
For companies. Several players can take part at the same time.
Wargames. Such games are a reconstruction of military events, many characters are involved in them. For many, these games are considered the most interesting and exciting.
Strategies. Also aimed at the development of thinking. To win, you need to build the right tactics and follow it, carefully considering each step.
This is far from a complete classification, board games are diverse, intended for preschool, school age, older children and adults. When choosing, it is worth considering the passion and tastes of the players, age. For the little ones, it is important that the entertainment is bright, colorful, with large elements.

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