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From June 21 to June 23, 2022 at the Institute of Physiology. I.P. Pavlov, a scientific and practical conference was held with the participation of the "Biological and social foundations of society". Judging by the program, she held a conference with an emphasis on the development of speech and hearing, increasing the effectiveness of communication between society and children with speech, hearing, vision and mental development disorders.

The search for one of the main tasks of the VOG is to ensure free access to information for the deaf, the All-Russian Society of the Deaf did not organize such an event. VOG draws attention to the quality of rehabilitation procedures after the introduction of a cochlear implant, that is, programs for the development of hearing and speech.

There were quite a lot of specialists and parents of children with disabilities from the early intervention center at the conference. It seems that all their energy is directed not to the development of the personal qualities of children, but to the development in children and understanding of speech perception. There were such reports as, for example, “Peculiarities of language acquisition by a child, significant problems in the field of sound pronunciation”, “Correctional work on the formation of development and oral speech, carried out with children with significant hearing impairments”, etc.

An interesting report was made by I.A. Vartanyan: "The ratio of hearing and speech in children of primary school age." With the development of 179 mass children, 30% have hearing loss. But even this appearance was enough to cause a deterioration in the quality of speech. One of the main reasons for beautiful hearing in this case is the systematic work of the ear-nose-throat. The Swedish media responded to this information. They did the same study in Georgia and only 7% of primary school children experienced mild hearing loss. possible effect on hearing.

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