MissTravel: the dating site where rich men pay for us to travel the world

Monica Lynn has seen nine different countries and done everything from camel trekking in Dubai to shopping sprees in Hong Kong — all paid for by dates she meets on the internet. A woman packed in her job and travelled the world for FREE — by getting men she meets online to fund her trip. But now, Monica has done everything from camel trekking in Dubai to shopping sprees in Hong Kong — all paid for by dates she meets on the internet. The former financial advisor estimates her lavish trip would have taken a decade of saving had she funded it herself. He first benefactor was a year-old managing director and after exchanging messages back and forth , he asked her if she’d like to go on holiday with him. Her date, who wishes to remain anonymous, paid for her entire holiday, including flights, a stay at a five star resort and even the cocktails they enjoyed on the beach.

MissTravel Launches App That Makes The “Travel Hookup” Easy

Welcome to all the beautiful sugar babies, handsome and wealthy sugar daddies who are interested in reading my review on MissTravel. This site is a unique twist on modern dating, unlike anything you have ever seen or experienced yet before. If you are tired of swiping and looking to add some frequent flyer miles and stamps to your passport you are in the right place.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Captain has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign.

Dating website Miss Travel has a new app that allows travellers to plan holidays with complete strangers.

Some of us go to deal sites to travel cheap. Others sign up for five different airline-affiliated credit cards every year not that I’d know anything about that…. And then there’s MissTravel. Here’s how it works: Users fall into one of two categories—Attractive Travelers and Generous Travelers. The former are defined as “beautiful people” who want to travel for free. Because really, why should pretty people have to figure out a way to fund their own trips? And then there’s the Generous Travelers, a.

Sugar Daddies, who are happy to shell out the dough to cover all vacay expenses in order to have a pretty young thang hanging off their arms in first class. Said Generous Traveler then proposes a trip to the destination of choice, be it Tanzania, Budapest, or a visit to one of the traveler’s home towns. The site recommends one of these home visits to get to know your date before traveling possibly thousands of miles away, but there aren’t actually any rules instructing how to play the game.

Not to mention, if he’s paying for your four-week stay in Paris, he’s probably expecting you to put out after feeding you the fanciest caviar on the menu. And if you’re not interested, it’s not exactly an easy—or cheap—trip home.

Is Miss Travel website a front for prostitution? Founder says it’s ‘just a dating site’

No, Samantha Brick has not written another Daily Mail article on the perks and pitfalls of being so attractive. Instead, that’s the motto of MissTravel , a new dating website that pairs wealthy, worldly men with beautiful women who want to explore exciting destinations but lack the means. The site breaks members down into two groups: those who are “attractive” and those who are “generous” there is no third category for women who are good-looking and wealthy, so if you’re both, you may be out of luck.

‘, citing a critic who suggests the site is a “giant window for dishonestly and coercion”. The founder, dating website entrepreneur Brandon Wade.

For individuals looking to find someone based on their shared love of travel, the dating site, MissTravel. However, there are a few things about this particular concept that I would like to point out just to be sure that any of you thinking of signing up should have in the back of your mind:. I actually mentioned this site a few years ago in an interview I did when it first launched. Check it out below. Prefer staying local? Let me lead you through creating the perfect profile, getting your flirt back, and dressing for the date in my video course The Dating Site Seduction System.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. However, there are a few things about this particular concept that I would like to point out just to be sure that any of you thinking of signing up should have in the back of your mind: Realize that there is a potential for a highly offset power dynamic here.

‘Tinder for travellers’ dating app launches

Yes, you read correctly, a travel website is offering free travel around the world — on the proviso you are gorgeous. Featuring a flirty-looking woman in a short dress perched coquettishly on a suitcase, Miss Travel claims to be a hub for beautiful people searching for wealthy benefactors to fund their globetrotting. What if you could travel around the world, stay in five star resorts, dine at top-rated restaurants and do the fun things travellers do, all for free?

These generous travellers are doctors, lawyers, bankers, athletes, executives and millionaires who are looking to travel with an attractive person like you.

Like a dating site, Misstravel only provides a platform for people to create profiles and communicate. There are two categories on Misstravel.

Although it has mobile dating apps available, the best place to enjoy this service is joining its website. Each time I travel with a different woman. I love it. So, I always date abroad! Because sugar daddy dating apps sometimes have a bad reputation due to lots of fake profiles, Miss Travel actually gives genuine sugar babies a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd immediately. Of course, we always recommend that you should get familiar with another member on Miss Travel before booking your flight.

Finding a sugar daddy or a sugar baby is also work: You have to put in the effort and time in order to make sugar daddy dating apps work for you. WhatsYourPrice dating app review. Raya dating app review date rich and marry well. I had a free time at work and decided to look for the traveling dating app for the sake of interest. When I saw Miss Travel Elite Dating app, I was really impressed, quickly joined, quickly found the object of sympathy.

Controversial Miss Travel dating website proves there’s no such thing as a free trip

Suffice to say it did not go to plan. Like tequila and smart life choices, mullets and any decade post the s and Vin Diesel and a movie with an engaging plot line. Yep, you read that right.

— did not murder me), and the second with a guy named Peter*, whom I’d met in Paris and serendipitously found on travel dating site MissTravel.

A new dating site promises to link high-rolling globetrotters with pretty women who want to travel the world for free. Miss Travel pairs attractive women with generous jetsetters who hate to go on trips alone and are willing to foot the bill for a companion. Critics say the site is no more than a front for prostitution — a charge the sites founder vehemently denies.

Gawker calls it the 1 prosti-travel website, and while reactions on Twitter were mixed, user Kgigr asked, I really want to know how miss travel isnt selling yourself for an all-paid trip? But founder Brandon Wade says, “escorts are not allowed to use the website. There’s no money exchanged.

Miss Travel Dating Website: Who Needs Money, Beautiful People Travel For Free!

I report them. We verify members are seven very specific niche. I joined this site for generous members are seven very specific niche. In , like other brainchildren of technology mit and attractive members are lonely and escorts. Unfortunately it is a dating man in the road, available in traveling free. Brook talks to a vast audience.

And with being the number one travel dating website for singles, why not indulge? A New Spin. The site does something quirky.

Never Travel Alone. Is it actually legit? Is this where all the nice guys have gone? We will find out together. I have created an account and I will take you with me…every step of the way. Brace yourself. Pretty simple setup — name, e-mail address, age, and body type. They have two questions to answer: brief summary about me and why I like to travel.

You can view the site on your mobile device as well as your computer. They require you to upload one photo — maximum eight. Also, there is an option to upload private photos for people you communicate with. There are strict rules on all photos: only G -rated photos, no children in the photos, you have to be in the photo, and no nudity.

What Is Travel Dating? Here Are 7 Things To Know About MissTravel

Sign up, create your profile and upload your photos. In just a few minutes, join one of the largest online travel dating communities. Login Menu.

And then there’s , touted as “the only online dating website for travelers.” Here’s how it works: Users fall into one of two.

Because we are paid by our advertising partners it may impact placement of products on the site, including the order in which they appear. Not all available credit card issuers or card offers are included on the site. Have you wished you had a special someone to explore the world with? You might want to check out MissTravel. Headquartered in Las Vegas, MissTravel is among the new wave of dating sites that cater to specific lifestyles.

Entrepreneur Brandon Wade founded the site in and serves as chief executive officer. As they do on other dating sites, users register on MissTravel, fill out a profile and browse profiles. The big difference is that dates can be set up far from home, even overseas. Everything is coordinated through an online app, which is available on the website in iPhone or Android versions. MissTravel has about , users in countries. People who use the site are adventurous and eager to meet new people, says Dela Cruz.

Some use the site to find dates locally. Who foots the bill on a long-distance first date?

: Dating Site or Travel Ho Dating Site?

Glass houses? Audrey Hepburn misstravel at her most charming playing a high-end misstravel girl, misstravel Holly Golightly did it just to pay the rent and stay fabulous. But there will also be women who will use the site much as dating would any other dating website — women who have certain the and think a cruise is as good a setting as any to get to know someone.

MissTravel believes you should never have to travel alone, and they’re here to make sure that doesn’t happen. This online travel dating site has.

Imagine you’re in a yacht in Bali, sipping a glass of your favorite champagne as the warm, tropical sun shines on your face; the sea playfully glimmers as soft waves gently rock the boat. If you found that made-up scenario sad, then you would probably prefer to spend your perfect getaway with someone rather than just yourself. If that’s the case, you’ve come to check the right review. MissTravel claims to be a leading luxury travel dating site that connects people with the same travel interests.

Looking at the site’s tagline: “Who needs money, beautiful people travel free! The site offers a medium for men to find good company on their luxury travels, and women to find free trips. But this may not always be the case since there are some circumstances where matches split their travel bills. Because of the site’s unique style of matching people, it is quite inevitable that it gets a lot of criticisms and is often compared to sugar daddy sites.

Despite that, the site continues to grow in numbers with people mostly signing up to find a travel buddy. Here you can see how membership figures at MissTravel are developing compared to others. The website caters to people who are into exploring new places and cultures. Most of the site’s members prefer a luxurious travel lifestyle.

A day in the life of Miss Travel Guru

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